Business reception services

Entrust us with the management of your business receptions then relax
and enjoy peace of mind!

Business receptions are evolving and become increasingly professional. This is why we offer solutions to you that are customized for your needs.

Outsourcing Solutions

With prestige and professionalism, we ensure total or partial management of your reception. The agency provides a motivated and invested staff and focuses on developing a solid

Seamless solutions with a strong value add, essential to a sustaining high quality results. These solutions include pre-auditing, briefing review and otpimization, staff selection, staff replacement in case of sick leave or absence, mystery calls, performance monitoring, staff training (physical and phone reception), event management, consulting, and competitive compensation.

Most business contacts take place by phone, therefore your business image depends on a courteous reception, professionalism and reactivity. The quality of a first contact can be a business loss or gain.


Audit : We evaluate the quality of your receptions through examinations conducted by phone and on-site surveys.

Selection of personnel : after the audit exam, we list your needs and specifications and develop a profile with the client.

Setup : after selecting the personnel, we train them according to the duties required by their posting. We also train roving hostesses who manage the replacements. We also look into the eventual return of staff already in place.

Managing and monitoring performance : analysis of the organization of work post and conviviality of spaces. Analysis of punctuality, attentiveness, and application of instructions. Anonymous phone calls and unannounced visits.

Flexibility : We offer a 24-hour hotline where you can reach us to request additional or replacement staff. A substitute hostess with a similar profile will be dispatched immediately.

Custom-Tailored Services

We offer you a complete range of services custom-tailored to :

  • Welcoming of visitors and personnel
  • Information, check-in and orientation services for visitors
  • Receiving and transferring incoming phone calls
  • Weighing and stamping mail
  • Receiving and sending faxes
  • Management of activities
  • Reservation of rental cars, taxis, and hotels
  • Computer-related secretarial services (Windows, Word, Excel, Internet)
  • Management of conference and meeting rooms


Alizée Hôtesses guarantees you satisfaction from the beginning to the end!